The mission of Ursuline Academy is the total development of the individual student through spiritual formation, intellectual growth, service to others and the building of community. Parents play an important role in achieving these goals. Here are a few tips on how to stay in touch and get involved at UA.

General Information

Main Office:  314-984-2800

  • Office hours on school days are 7:30am until 4pm during the academic year.  When offices are closed, a recorded message with daily information can be heard by dialing 314-984-2800.​
  • Emergencies at home might require a student's immediate release from her classes.  In such an instance, a parent or other adult relative should contact the school.  In the event of the death of a any member of a student's family, please notify the school office.  Serious illness might also be reported.
  • Change of address, phone number or other information about a student or her family should be reported promptly to the school office.
  • Guests and visitors must sign in at the main office and obtain a nametag which must be displayed at all times.
  • Gifts of balloons, flowers, etc. for students are not to be sent to school.

To report an absence:  314-984-2800

  • Absences should be reported by a parent phoning the school before 8:00am. A student who has been absent must also, on her return, bring a note from a parent explaining the reason for the absence.

Billing/Finance:  314-984-2820

Faculty/Staff contact information

Inclement Weather

  • Channel 5 (KSDK) and Channel 4 (KMOV) will announce snow schedule as well as school closing.
  • Channel 2 (KTVI) will only announce school closing.
  • KMOX (1120am) will announce snow schedule as well as school closing.
  • If classes are dismissed because of snow, these stations will not announce the exact time of an early snow closing.

Quick Links

  • Access your daughter's grades and information
  • College search and application process for students and parents
  • Tuition processing and collection
  • View upcoming parent volunteer opportunities
  • Provides a variety of services to assist each student in all phases of her school life


Week of...

email sent every Friday with upcoming week's announcements and events - click here for current week

Monthly Parent Newsletter

emailed the first day of each month and includes student news,  messages from the counseling department and mission effectiveness & campus ministry, upcoming events and more - click here for current month

If you are not receiving email communications please contact Ms. Tina Steck by email.

Tuition & Fees

Ursuline Academy’s tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year has been set for $14,200 with a standard fee of $375 and a technology fee of $200. Ursuline Academy students have a choice to bring their own laptop or use an Ursuline-provided laptop. This decision is a two year commitment. Please see the attached Technology Information Sheet for details. The laptop fee of $285 will be assessed to students choosing an Ursuline Academy-provided laptop.

Tuition covers a portion of the costs of teaching services to facilitate the physical, spiritual, and mental growth and development of students in a safe and wholesome environment. For the 2017-2018 school year, the difference between the actual cost of educating an Ursuline student and tuition is $2,500. This difference is made up with charitable gifts to the Ursuline Fund by parents, grandparents and friends as well as our annual fundraising events.

Ursuline Academy partners with Smart Tuition for the processing and collection of our families’ tuition and fees. This partnership with Smart Tuition allows for a confidential system where families can see for themselves a complete report of their tuition account. Details such as tuition billing, financial assistance, laptop fee, tuition GAP donations and elective fees are posted directly to family accounts. A secure login ID enables parents to view this information at any time of the day.

Smart Tuition website:

Tuition Assistance


  • Tuition assistance at Ursuline Academy is based on financial need. This assistance provides part, rather than all of the cost of tuition. Ursuline Alumnae provide much of the funding for the program through the generosity of alumnae giving to the Ursuline Fund. Ursuline Academy utilizes an outside source (SmartAid) for processing financial aid applications.
  • The Ursuline Academy's school code is 13325. There is a $35 processing fee for each application. The financial aid application, the $35 processing fee, and a copy of your tax return must be submitted by March 1, 2017.

Sallie Mae

  • The K-12 Family Education Loan sponsored by Sallie Mae is available to Ursuline families. Loans are available to pay tuition costs plus a percentage of other school costs. Click here to read more about the Sallie Mae loans.

Beyond Sunday Fellows

  • Learn more about the 2017-2018 Beyond Sunday Fellows program for high school students by clicking here.


Mothers' Club

The purpose of the UAMC is to provide opportunities for moms and step-moms to be a part of their Ursuline student’s high school experience. Join us for special Serviam opportunities, social gatherings, meetings and more. READ MORE

  • If you are a mom or step-mom of an Ursuline student, you are already a member of the UAMC! There are no membership fees or joining requirements.
  • If you have questions or ideas for the Mothers’ Club, please contact us by email

2017-18 Upcoming Meetings and Events

  • November 27:  Campus Christmas decorating
  • December 7:  Joint Christmas Party with Fathers' Club, 6pm
  • December 13 or 14:  Assemble exam-o-grams at 12pm
  • December 15:  Distribute exam-o-grams, 6pm

Fathers' Club

The UA Fathers' Club serves as a venue to get to know other Ursuline dads in a welcoming, social group while serving the Academy.  READ MORE

  • The Ursuline Academy Fathers' Club is open to all fathers, step-fathers, or father-figure of your choosing, of our Ursuline students.
  • If you have questions or ideas for the Fathers’ Club, please email us

Sponsored Events, Volunteer Opportunities and Programs

  • Father-Daughter Dinner & Dance
  • Locker Shelf Sales
  • Fall Festival
  • Campus Spring Clean-Up 
  • Back to School BBQ
  • Fathers' / Mothers' Club Happy Hour
  • Father-Daughter Blues and Cardinals Nights
  • Great Networking Opportunities