Educating Global Leaders

The Ursuline students of today are the global leaders of tomorrow.  Following the call of the Ursuline Sisters, you'll engage ethically, critically and empathetically with the world at large.  You'll learn global citizenship and have the opportunity to participate in educational and cultural exchanges with sister schools worldwide.

Student experiences and reflections

One of our school-wide goals is to build more relationships with Ursuline schools internationally to better understand one another on a global level, and to utilize the international nature of Ursuline ministries to provide opportunities for our students to engage in global learning. The trips that a few of our students and teachers participate in are a spring board for global learning among our UA community, making connections for the students in the classrooms and creating opportunities for dialogue and understanding among Ursuline students and co-workers around the globe.

Ursuline Global Scholars Program

We are one of the first Ursuline schools to offer the Ursuline Global Scholars Program.  This certificate is granted to students who engage in curricular studies with a global focus and participate in co-curricular activities and experiences that foster the development of global competencies. This distinction sets students apart in the international arena as they continue their academic careers.

Ursuline instilled in me a passion for travel and a thirst for knowledge beyond the boundaries of my city.  Through traveling...I have learned the value of the global mission that Ursuline seeks to instill.  My unforgettable experiences from Ursuline will stay with me throughout my life and will remain a part of who I am as a woman of God.

Elizabeth Desits


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