The counseling department assists each student in all phases of her school life through a student-centered program addressing academic, personal, and college planning needs.  One of three full-time counselors is assigned to every new student, and that counselor guides her from her starting days as a freshman through her last days as a senior.  Counselors help students with:

  • Academic planning and support
  • College preparation and planning
  • Stress management skills
  • Friendships and relationships
  • Study and organizational strategies

The counseling department also includes two full-time learning consultants to accommodate the individual differences and unique needs presented by our students.  As a school dedicated to the uniqueness of the individual, we need to address these needs because of their substantial impact on the learning process. Click here to learn more about our Learning Consultant Program.

Welcome to Student Life!

Two of the Ursuline Core Values are development of the whole person and respect for the uniqueness of the individual.  To that end, the Academy strives to provide clubs and organizations that offer a balance of academics, spiritual formation, leadership and fun!

Ursuline offers a wide variety of student organizations and clubs.  There is an activity for just about every interest, and lots of opportunities to make new friends and practice leadership skills.  Join a sports team, perform in a play, design the musical set...Discover the power within you!