Ursuline Academy Fathers' Club

The Ursuline Academy Fathers’ Club (UAFC) is a social and service organization comprised of all UA
fathers and father-figures. The group provides numerous and varied opportunities to enrich the UA
experience for the UA students and all involved.

Our purpose is to serve as a welcoming social group, to grow in our faith, to provide compassionate
support for any UA family that may suffer the loss of a parent during a student’s time at UA. We feel
strongly that when a tragedy impacts one of our own, it is our obligation to offer support and to not
allow that tragedy to negatively impact the student’s ability to continue her education at UA. We also
strive to assist the entire Ursuline community whenever and wherever we can make a positive impact.

Our final goal is to also provide social and service opportunities that include our students and their
fathers/father-figures that provide a shared experience, help them to deepen their relationship and
inspire all to be of service to our communities throughout our lives.

Membership is automatic with dues included as part of the standard tuition and fees. These funds
support our mission of providing financial assistance to any student who loses a parent while attending
Ursuline Academy.

  • The Ursuline Academy Fathers’ Club includes all fathers, stepfathers and father-figures.
    Participation in our activities is open to all who have an interest in the life of a UA student.
  • If you have questions or ideas for the Fathers’ Club, please email us.

UAFC  Officers

  • Dave Barringhaus, President
  • Ben Burkemper, Vice-President
  • Tim Quigley, Treasurer
  • Matt Goebel, Secretary

20/21 Events and Activities

The UAFC recognizes that all members have many and varied responsibilities that impact the ability to participate and contribute to the club. There is no expectation that a specific amount of time and effort be required to participate in any UAFC sponsored event. We want all to attend when possible and when interested. We simply ask that all members consider sharing your unique talents and spare time to better our organization and to enhance the UA experience for you and your UA daughter/student.

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