Fathers' Club

Our reason is to serve as a welcoming social group, to grow in our faith, to provide compassionate support for families struggling with the loss of a parent, and assist the entire Ursuline community where needed.  We feel very strongly that when a tragedy hits home, at least the school part of the Ursuline student's life can remain as normal as possible.

Dues are $30 for an annual membership or $90 for a four-year membership.  Funds provide scholarship assistance to students following the loss of a parent.  You may pay your dues through your SmartTuition account.

  • The Ursuline Academy Fathers' Club is open to all fathers, step-fathers, uncles, grandfathers or father-figures of your choosing, of our Ursuline students.
  • If you have questions or ideas for the Fathers’ Club, please email us

2017-2018 Officers

    • Chris Lawhorn, President
    • Tony Nowak, Vice President & Treasurer
    • Terry Flynn, Senior Representative
    • Rick Effer, Junior Representative
    • Pat Mehan, Darrell Naeger & Chris Stein, Freshman Representatives

Sponsored Events, Volunteer Opportunities and Programs

  • Father-Daughter Dinner & Dance, Feb 3
  • Locker Shelf Sales
  • Fall Festival
  • Campus Spring Clean-Up 
  • Back to School BBQ
  • Fathers' / Mothers' Club Happy Hour
  • Father-Daughter Blues and Cardinals Nights
  • Great Networking Opportunities

Our organization, as do all organizations, recognizes that some members participate more than others. This is understandable for a variety of reasons (work schedule, prior commitments, etc.) and rest assured, you will not be looked upon in an unfavorable way by your fellow members. UA Mothers' and Fathers' Clubs historically have met Ursuline's needs at an event with sufficient manpower; however, it is always nice to see some new faces. Have a great school year and we look forward to your participation!