Big Sis Lil Sis Program

The purpose of the Big Sister/Little Sister mentoring program is to provide the Ursuline community with the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships rooted in the mission of the Academy and to offer a smooth transition for all freshmen as they begin their high school experience.

The Big Sister/Little Sister relationship is rooted in the Ursuline values of service, courtesy, loyalty and courage. Big Sister/Little Sister pairs are arranged through advisements, promoting unity throughout the Academy. The mentoring program is an opportunity for our students to build community, forge new friendships and create a sisterhood that lasts a lifetime. All freshmen and sophomores are highly encouraged to participate in this opportunity.

The Big Sister/Little Sister mentoring program includes several school-sponsored activities to contribute to the building of community. Participation in these activities is required for all Big/Little Sisters. 


  • To help each Little Sister adjust to the social and learning environments of high school
  • To give each Little Sister on-going support and mentoring throughout her years at Ursuline
  • To provide Big Sisters with the opportunity to build “trusting relationships” and to develop their leadership skills
  • To establish cohesive “families” within each advisement thereby building community spirit and collaboration
  • To spread the Spirit of Ursuline Academy – service, courtesy, loyalty and courage by attitude and action


  • Ease transition into high school for freshmen class
  • Mentors serve as an easily accessible resource and role model
  • Provides a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for incoming students
  • Helps students to get to know their advisement better
  • Creates instant “upperclassman friends”
  • Creates lasting friendships
  • Gives upperclassmen the opportunity to have a lasting impact on their little sisters' lives

The Big Sis-Lil Sis Lock-In takes place in September and is planned by the freshman moderators and campus ministry. A night of fun events is scheduled for “sisters” to get to enjoy each other’s company and build community with others. The end of the evening continues a tradition whereby students gather around the front lake for a sisterhood ritual. Co-workers chaperone the event. 

Welcome to Student Life!

Two of the Ursuline Core Values are development of the whole person and respect for the uniqueness of the individual.  To that end, the Academy strives to provide clubs and organizations that offer a balance of academics, spiritual formation, leadership and fun!

Ursuline offers a wide variety of student organizations and clubs.  There is an activity for just about every interest, and lots of opportunities to make new friends and practice leadership skills.  Join a sports team, perform in a play, design the musical set...Discover the power within you!