September 15


Sorting Out a New School Year – 21-22 House Captains

By Leah Folk

September 15, 2021

The House System is grounded in our core values of developing a nurturing community spirit. After a full year as a part of our Ursuline experience, our students and four houses were able to share the spirit of our House System with the next group of Ursuline Girls. On Community Day this year, our new co-workers and students-both transfers and the class of 2025 – were welcomed into their new homes during a sorting ceremony. One by one, names were called, followed by the name and cheers from their new Home. The sorting ceremony was a great new addition to Community day, feeding into the energy and excitement of a new school year. After the names were all called, Cortesia House was officially recognized as the winner of the 20-21 House Crown. Throughout the last year, members of Cortesia house helped pull their housemates past their classmates by a nearly 10+ margin, but now it’s a new year and it’s any houses’ game. For the beginning of the school year, House spirit will be stirred up in each Home class, amongst Bigs and Littles, friends, and classmates.

Homes, previously known as Advisements, have been structured as a core part of the House System and support House comradery, provide a consistent touchpoint each year, and a base for our Big Sis Lil Sis program. Each house has two senior house captains, plus leadership positions for Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen to get involved. Similar to a Student Council, students will have the opportunity to fulfill leadership positions in their house at all grade levels. Our House captains serve as the leaders for each House and work to plan events, cultivate school and House spirit, and support their fellow Bears by attending events and encouraging involvement from their housemates.  We’re looking forward to all the fun and spirit these Captains and Houses are bringing this year! Get to know them below, and be sure to check back in for updates on points throughout the year.


 Meet our 2021-2022 House Captains:

Servizio House
Mrs. Stinehart – House Dean
Josie Broun ’22 – Captain
Ella Meier ’22 – Captain


Cortesia House
Mrs. Lang – House Dean
Rose Baldus ’22 – Captain
Elaina Groneck ’22 – Captain


Lealtá House
Mrs. Woodward – House Dean
Gabby Breeding ’22 – Captain
Faith Johnson ’22 – Captain


Coraggio House
Mrs. Jones – House Dean
Audry Wichmann ’22 – Captain
Spring Zhou ’22 – Captain


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