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Dr. Reichardt Announces Change

Dr. Tina Reichardt, President of Ursuline Academy, informed the Board that she will complete her term as President at the conclusion of the 2017-2018 school year. Dr. Reichardt has served 42 years in Catholic education in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, and 12 years as the first lay president in the history of Ursuline Academy in St. Louis.

“Catholic education is in my heart and I have immensely enjoyed my time as President of Ursuline Academy. But, to do this job properly takes a significant amount of time, including a lot of time on evenings and weekends. While I do not intend to stop working, I do plan to enjoy more time with my husband and our growing family and life-long friends,” said Dr. Reichardt. “Being part of Ursuline Academy has been a privilege, and I know I am leaving Ursuline Academy with a strong foundation to grow and serve the needs of families well into the future. I wish the very best for the Academy and for the highly-talented and dedicated co-workers, parent volunteers, students and alumnae who I have had the opportunity to work beside over the last 12 years.”

“Dr. Reichardt has provided Ursuline Academy invaluable leadership throughout her tenure. She leaves the Ursuline community with an impressive legacy that will be a challenge to replace. I have enjoyed working with her on many important initiatives and am confident Ursuline is set up for future success. But, before we even discuss a successor, we must put thought into how best to recognize Dr. Reichardt for her tremendous contributions to Ursuline over the past 20 years and for her long career as President of the Academy for the last 12 years. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we are grateful for Dr. Reichardt’s many contributions and leadership, and wish her much happiness in this next chapter of her life,” said Michelle Murray, Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Dr. Reichardt joined Ursuline as a member of the strategic planning team in 1998 and was instrumental in developing The Graduate Profile which is still being utilized today to help students realize the most potential from their Ursuline educational experience, and to prepare them for their future. In 2002, she began her service as a member of the Board of Trustees, and was appointed President in 2006. As President, Dr. Reichardt was instrumental in the 2017 construction of Hartnett Hall, a state of the art STEAM building offering science labs, classrooms, a modern dance/cheer studio, as well as choral and band facilities. Under her leadership she was involved in many strategic initiatives including a strategic planning committee, the creation of a Summer Leadership Academy for 7th and 8th graders, the growth of the Mission Effectiveness Program, new branding for UA, overseeing major renovations of the Performing Arts Auditorium, and the establishment of our Global Education Program which allows students and faculty to take advantage of the 36-country international network of Ursuline schools with the goal of preparing our students of today to be the global leaders of tomorrow.

Throughout most of Dr. Reichardt’s career, she has been active in Catholic education having served on numerous school boards, Archdiocesan committees, high school committees and non-profit boards. She served as a member of Ursuline Educational Services Board, as well as chairperson of the Mission Committee of the newly created Ursuline Education Foundation.

The Board of Trustees will be meeting soon to establish a search committee for Dr. Reichardt’s successor.

Click here to read a personal letter from Dr. Reichardt.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Model of Justice Award

Allison Kohne ’18 was named as Ursuline’s recipient of the 2018 Martin Luther King, Jr. Model of Justice Award for her work through the Leadership for Diversity Team, the example she sets for her peers, and the personal growth she has achieved through her involvement and service.  She is pictured here with Mrs. Pat Witt Harris ’62, UA Diversity Coordinator.

The award was presented by Archbishop Robert Carlson on Sunday, January 14.  This is the 11th annual award presented to high school students who have demonstrated and exercised leadership through their attitudes and actions.  These students have made justice a central component of their lives and have committed themselves “to the noble struggle for equal rights.”

Click here to read about Allison’s work and commitment to justice.

Feast of St. Ursula Events

The Feast of St. Ursula (October 21) was observed on October 19 at UA with a special liturgy planned by the sophomores, the installation of our 2017-18 Student Council members (see below), and the third annual #CutPassLove hair drive to benefit Children With Hair Loss. Sixty-two students donated a total of 397 inches of hair, and many others opted to make a cash donation to have a pink feather woven into their locks.

2017-18 Student Council

President: Meme Todt ’18
Vice President: Lauren Zufall ’18
Secretary/Treasurer: Maggie Fix ’18

Senior Class

President: Colleen Flynn
VP: Reagan Becnel
Sec/Treas: Claire Schulte
Reps: Lucie Donovan, Gabrielle Glore, Marygrace Hummel and Lauren Paskiewicz

Junior Class

President: Lilly Bettag
VP: Caroline Polansky
Sec/Treas: Allie Walsh
Service: Grace Breeding and Kelli Fitzgerald
Reps: Alphine Bangura, Natalie Bianchino, Tori Cichelero, Molly Effer a nd Grace Tvetene

Sophomore Class

President: Sydney Kirchoff
VP: Jane Steinbrecher
Sec/Treas: Katie Cody
Reps: Nora Bannes, Caylin Cheak, Molly Earickson, Annie Gidionsen, Erica Spihlman and Claire Stinehart

Freshman Class

President: Frannie Benoist
VP: Marie Cavato
Sec/Treas: Erin Hubeli
Reps: Courtney Besancenez, Ann Ganninger, Maggie Michalski, Maggie Naeger, Rebecca Sudholt and Anna Thiel

Fall 2017 Honor Society Inductees

Congratulations to the many students who were inducted into our honor societies during October!

National Honor Society

Seniors: Bailey Beason, Sofia Ceresia, Maggie Fix, Meredith Miklos and Clara Riggio
Juniors: Natalie Bianchino, Grace Breeding, Lauren Desmond, Molly Effer, Molly Gerhardt, Anna Gonsalves, Jenn Hessel, Katie Horack, Emma LaMartina, Sophie Laposha, Jane Leritz, Phoebe Leon, Grace Mudd, Mary Kate O’Brien, Shelby Petrus, Anna Powell, Bess Ramsey, Lucie Ramsey, Caitlyn Reilly, Mallory Schanuel, Isabella Snyder, Reilly Steele, Emma Swingle, Abigail Tepen, Muiren Townsend, Libby Trn and Alyson Winkelman

Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica

Seniors: Sofia Ceresia, Gabrielle Glore and Brooke Schwartz
Juniors: Alphine Bangura, Grace Breeding, Molly Effer, Abbey Feeney, Isabela Forsyth, Katherine Horack, Sophie Laposha, Grace Nolan, Shelby Petrus, Caitlyn Reilly, Mallory Schanuel, Jessica Schneider, Bella Snyder, Reilly Steele, Abigail Tepen, Grace Tvetene, Anna Vuch and Allison Walsh
Sophomore: Mary Cavanaugh

Societe Honoraire de Francais

Senior: McClain John
Juniors: Molly Gerhardt, Olivia Goldkamp, Anna Gonsalves, Olivia Harbaugh, Sophia Hilmes, Emily Howard, Phoebe Leon, Jane Leritz, Sophie Mars, Ashley Massud, Olivia Meyer, Kathleen Mudd, Mary O’Brien, Grace Ojile, Anna Powell, Lucie Ramsey and Muiren Townsend

Latin Honor Society

Seniors: Amanda Bosch and Madison Thompson
Juniors: Anna Bair, Lilly Bettag, Natalie Bianchino, Abigail Biscan, Lauren Desmond, Amy Erbs, Loghan Fanning, Jessica Garcia, Margaret Gough, Emily Haffner, Kailee Hairer, Jennifer Hessel, Erin Hinshaw, Maria Laaker, Michela Miano, Jenna Mikitin, Sarah Nowak, Jane Ostenfeld, Caroline Polansky, Meghan Roussin, Karly Ruzicka, Helen Schallon, Carole Schuster, Madalyn Schweiss, Lily Springer, Holly Stanze and Abigail Sutter

Merit-Based Scholarships Announced

Merit scholarships recognize students with strong academic credentials. These are renewable scholarships that are automatically applied to any incoming student who meets all criteria.

Academic Excellence Scholarship: $5,000

Core composite score on 7th- or 8th-grade standardized testing is at 98th or 99th percentile

Principal’s Scholarship: $2,000

Core composite score on the 7th- or 8th-grade standardized testing is at 96th or 97th percentile

STEAM Scholarship: $1,000

Subtest score in science on the 7th- or 8th-grade standardized testing is at 90th percentile or higher

Students meeting the test score requirement must still meet all other criteria for acceptance to Ursuline Academy. For more information, contact Ursuline’s Admissions office at 314-984-2815 or

Each scholarship is renewable for four years if the student maintains First Honors status.

Presentation of Academic Awards Earned in the 2017-2018 School Year

The Ursuline Scholars Award

Awarded to students who achieved a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 or better at the end of the 2016-2017 year.  The recipients of this award are presented a white sweater or a chevron if they have already earned a white sweater.

Class of 2018:  Morgan Bahr, Haley Baker, Emerson Brazile, Megan Catlett, Fiona Curran, Sarah Elbert, Lauren Heatherly, Marygrace Hummel, Julia Igel, Lily Kohlberg, Allison Kohne, Natalie McDonald, Abigail Mika, Meredith Miklos, Lauren Paszkiewicz, Clara Riggio, Kara Steinbrecher, Carrie Steingruby, Ashley Stephan, Isabella Sutterer, Sophia Torregrossa and Cara Westcott

Class of 2019:  Grace Breeding, Lauren Desmond, Molly Effer, Jessica Garcia, Molly Gerhardt, Anna Gonsalves, Jennifer Hessel, Katherine Horack, Emma LaMartina, Sophie Laposha, Phoebe Leon, Jane Leritz
Kathleen Mudd, Shelby Petrus, Anna Powell, Bess Ramsey, Lucie Ramsey, Caitlyn Reilly, Mallory Schanuel, Isabella Snyder, Reilly Steele, Abigail Tepen, Muiren Townsend, Elizabeth Trn, Grace Tvetene, Anna Vuch, Allison Walsh and Alyson Winkelmann

Class of 2020:  Chloe Baize, Kathryn Cody, Elizabeth Edmunds, Chloe Hayes, Amanda Kohne, Elizabeth Skoff, Claire Stinehart, Ashley Valentine, Brooke Westcott, Isabelle White, Erin Wurtsbaugh, Lauren Younger and Kelly Zipfel

The Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence

Awarded to students who achieved a semester grade point average of 4.0 or high for both semesters during the 2016-2017 year.  The winners of this award receive a pin with the lamp of wisdom in the center to be worn on their sweaters.

Class of 2018:  Morgan Bahr, Haley Baker, Emerson Brazile, Megan Catlett, Fiona Curran, Sarah Elbert, Julia Igel, Lily Kohlberg, Allison Kohne, Natalie McDonald, Abigail Mika, Meredith Miklos, Lauren Paszkiewicz, Clara Riggio, Kara Steinbrecher, Carrie Steingruby, Ashley Stephan, Isabella Sutterer, Sophia Torregrossa and Cara Westcott

Class of 2019:  Grace Breeding, Maria Duran Garcia, Molly Effer, Jessica Garcia, Molly Gerhardt, Olivia Goldkamp, Anna Gonsalves, Jennifer Hessel, Katherine Horack, Emma LaMartina, Sophie Laposha, Jane Leritz, Kathleen Mudd, Mary O’Brien, Shelby Petrus, Anna Powell, Bess Ramsey, Lucie Ramsey, Caitlyn Reilly, Mallory Schanuel, Jessica Schneider, Isabella Snyder, Reilly Steele, Emma Swingle, Abigail Tepen, Muiren Townsend, Elizabeth Trn, Anna Vuch, Allison Walsh and Alyson Winkelmann

Class of 2020:  Elizabeth Edmunds, Chloe Hayes, Amanda Kohne, Elizabeth Skoff, Claire Stinehart, Brooke Westcott, Isabelle White, Lauren Younger and Kelly Zipfel

First and Second Honors Awarded for the Spring 2017 Semester

Class of 2018, First Honors:

Morgan Bahr, Haley Baker, Bailey Beason, Anne Bettag, Emerson Brazile, Lilly Breheny, Emily Broughton, Gabrielle Cadieux, Megan Catlett, Caroline Cerutti, Laura Creamer, Fiona Curran, Grace Eisenbarger, Sarah Elbert, Margaret Fix, Kiley Freesmeier, Madelyn Grady, Lauren Heatherly, Grace Hickey, Caroline Hoffman, Marygrace Hummel, Julia Igel, Lily Kohlberg, Allison Kohne, Paige Kreher, Kaitlyn LaKamp, Natalie McDonald, Abigail Mika, Meredith Miklos, Josephine Moran, Maggie Moran, Lauren Paszkiewicz, Clara Riggio, Maria Scarfino, Madelyn Schneider, Claire Schulte, Giulina Sertl, Corinne Sorensen, Kara Steinbrecher, Carrie Steingruby, Ashley Stephan, Isabella Sutterer, Sophia Torregrossa and Cara Westcott

Class of 2018, Second Honors:

Kathryn Antonacci, Natalie Appelbaum, Reagan Becnel, Abigail Broske
Elly Butler, Mariana Cooper, Rachel DeNoyer, Lydia Edwards, Kaitlyn Estopare, Colleen Flynn, Kelly Gleeson, Gabrielle Glore, Sarah Gravette, Andrea Haferkamp, Emily Imo, McClain John, Caeley Kates, Eleanor Kelleher, Abigail Lawhorn, Emily Nowak, Kayla O’Toole, Angelina Reckert, Brooke Schwartz, Sarah Sorel, Julia Stahlhuth, Sabrina Steger, Isabelle Steinlage, Sydney Suntrup, Madison Thompson, Mary Todt, Taylor Vosse and Kaetlin Wurdack

Class of 2019, First Honors:

Anna Bair, Natalie Bianchino, Grace Breeding, Lauren Desmond, Maria Duran Garcia, Molly Effer, Jessica Garcia, Molly Gerhardt, Olivia Goldkamp, Anna Gonsalves, Olivia Harbaugh, Jennifer Hessel, Sophia Hilmes, Katherine Horack, Emily Howard, Emma LaMartina, Sophie Laposha, Phoebe Leon, Jane Leritz, Kathleen Mudd, Grace Nolan, Sarah Nowak, Mary O’Brien, Jane Ostenfeld, Shelby Petrus, Anna Powell, Bess Ramsey, Lucie Ramsey, Caitlyn Reilly, Abigail Riesmeyer, Meaghan Roussin, Mallory Schanuel, Jessica Schneider, Isabella Snyder, Lily Springer, Holly Stanze, Reilly Steele, Rose Steinhart, Emma Swingle, Abigail Tepen, Muiren Townsend, Elizabeth Trn, Grace Tvetene, Anna Vuch, Allison Walsh, Olivia Wilkerson and Alyson Winkelmann

Class of 2019, Second Honors:

Alphine Bangura, Lilly Bettag, Lauren Bretscher, Victoria Cichelero, Lauren Cole, Jenna Distler, Payton Eichhorn, Amy Erbs, Loghan Fanning, Abbey Feeney, Kelli Fitzgerald, Emily Haffner, Macy Holmes, Kathleen Hubeli, Hillary Hunter, Katherine Kraus, Maria Laaker, Ashley Liberto, Ashley Massud, Olivia Meyer, Jenna Mikitin, Molly Morrell, Grace Ojile, Rose Petrillo, Caroline Polansky, Paris Reichert, Karly Ruzicka, Helen Schallon, Carole Schuster, Madalyn Schweiss, Addison Stotts and Abigail Sutter

Class of 2020, First Honors:

Abigail Ashrafzadeh, Chloe Baize, Honora Bannes, Lena Baur, Caylin Cheak, Kate Cochran, Kathryn Cody, Mary DeClue, Elizabeth Edmunds, Chloe Hayes, Sydney Kirchoff, Amanda Kohne, Kathleen McWay, Malia Nance, Addison Raible, Bridget Reckert, Lauren Rutherford, Olivia Sander, Megan Schimpf, Sophia Sextro, Elizabeth Skoff, Claire Stinehart, Ashley Valentine, Chloe Weaver, Brooke Westcott, Isabelle White, Erin Wurtsbaugh, Lauren Younger and Kelly Zipfel

Class of 2020, Second Honors:

Ava Adams, Ellen Baldus, Paige Broyles, Mary Cavanaugh, Jenna Duenwald, Emily Dunn, Emily Elfrink, Elisabeth Friedhoff, Annie Gidionsen, Katherine Higgins, Margaret Houghland, Hannah Kaiser, Nataleigh Liddy, Meredith Matthes, Katherine McManus, Maura Ploesser, Abigail Rathouz, Madison Rausch, Abigail Schaeffer, Mallory Scheller, Brianna Schutzenhofer, Amanda Simpson, Cameron Soell, Jane Steinbrecher and Sophia Woods

Students Attend Selective Summer Coding Camps

Caeley Kates ’18 was one of 20 students selected to participate in Fontbonne University’s two-week Cyber Warrior Camp.  Through hands-on activities, speakers, and field trips to Emerson Electric and MasterCard, students learned about cybersecurity principals, SPAM and phishing detection, data hiding and more.  Learn more about the program here and read Caeley’s comments about the experience as published in the St. Louis Review.

Reagan Becnel ’18 was one of 20 students accepted into the St. Louis Kode with Klossy coding camp.  The two-week experience, started in 2014 by model and St. Louis native Karlie Kloss, is held in ten U.S. cities throughout the summer and empowers young women to not only learn to code but also to become leaders in technology.  Read more about this program here and watch coverage of the St. Louis camp on the Sunday TODAY Show

First Three Global Scholars Graduate

The Ursuline Education Network (UEN) has conferred the Ursuline Global Scholars Certificate upon three graduating students who have stretched beyond traditional core curriculum requirements and have demonstrated intellectual achievement, a commitment to service, passion for international issues and a desire to be involved in global change.

St. Louis students in the Global Scholars program study a world language for four consecutive years and take at least  four globally-focused courses in addition to completing independent reviews or reflections on at least eight works of international/cultural media.  They must also complete four co-curricular requirements that include holding a leadership role in the Leadership for Diversity Team or one of the three world language honor societies, participating in a Global Education Trip, hosting a visiting student, attending a conference or engaging in other globally-focused activities.  In addition, 20 hours of service with a focus on global/international issues must be completed as well as a 20-minute   capstone presentation given by the student about her global experience.

Ursuline Academy St. Louis is one of the first three Ursuline-sponsored schools in the world tooffer this program and we are proud to announce our first recipients and share summaries of their work.


Samantha Abel ’17

Co-curricular activities included participation in the United Nations’ 60th Commission on the Status of Women and the Archdiocese of St. Louis Immigration Teach-In, interviews with Ursuline Sisters from Slovenia and involvement in the United Nations Club

Cultural literacy readings/viewings included Night, Kite Runner, Forgotten Girls, America Divided, He Named Me Malala, and The Girl in the River

 Community service focused on the field of human sex trafficking


Madison Corsi ’17

Co-curricular activities included membership in the Leadership for Diversity Team and Latin Honor Society, hosting a South African student, participation in UA trips to France and England, and attending the UES Leadership Conference

Cultural literacy readings/viewings  include Nudge, Global Health Care: Issues and Policies, The Healing of    America, A Closer Walk, Sick Around the World  and The Painted Veil

Community service focused on healthcare with service performed at St. Louis Children’s Hospital


Colleen Hannegan ’17

Co-curricular activities included membership in the Hispanic Honor Society, participation in the Saints & Scholars Summer Theology Institute at Holy Cross College at Notre Dame as well as the Archdiocese of St. Louis Immigration Teach-In, and education regarding immigration in El Salvador

Cultural literacy readings/viewings  include Trojan Women, Behind the Beautiful Forevers, America Divided, Day of the Dead, Girl Rising and Romero

Community service performed in El Salvador through Project FIAT (Faith In Action Together)

Lexie Schomaker ’17 Named National Merit Finalist

Lexie Schomaker ’17 has achieved National Merit Finalist status and has been awarded a $2000 one-time corporate scholarship from Eaton through the National Merit program.  Lexie is one of 15,000 finalists who represent less than 1% of high school seniors in the nation.  As a result of her status, the University of Alabama has awarded her five years tuition, one year of housing, an annual stipend, a technology allowance and an opportunity for undergraduate research or study abroad.  A field hockey and lacrosse player, Lexie was also named as UA’s 2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Scholar-Athlete.