March 25


Senior Capstone Projects

By Leah Folk

March 25, 2021

While this year’s senior class has truly had a historical year, this year they have become the third Ursuline senior class to participate in the Capstone Presentations. Since the beginning of this school year, the seniors reflected, planned, proposed, and constructed a 15-20 minute presentation in which they compiled and prepared to share their personal Ursuline journey and how they have found our Graduate Profile to manifest within them over their four years. On the day of the presentations, each senior formally presented her project to a committee of three Ursuline faculty and/or staff members. She took the committee through her Ursuline journey and shared a creative piece to encompass what she discovered about herself in her reflections. During each presentation, the uniqueness of individual students would be evident along with their unique experiences, perspective, and serve as a positive display of the success of the Ursuline mission. It was also interesting to hear how this past year has shaped this senior class in particular. Especially this year, having the opportunity to hear how the last year has shaped their class, friendships and experiences provided valuable perspective into how they have navigated the pandemic.

These projects have become a defining aspect of our school’s history, as they showcase our Ursuline values and mission in action, and how our students plan to carry these values and lessons with them throughout their lives. Though these projects and outcomes are only a few years old, our Ursuline community is greatly looking forward to all the ways these presentations will continue to be a mark for our students as a time of reflection, life-planning, and purpose in addition to a traditional piece of the Ursuline education.

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