September 16


Returning to School Amidst a Pandemic

By Leah Folk

September 16, 2020

In the words of St. Angela Merici,

“ If, according to time and circumstances, the need arises to make new rules or do something differently, do it prudently and with good advice.”

Our top priority is to provide for the utmost health and safety of all co-workers and students while we continue to keep our mission at the center of everything we do. It is in the spirit and tradition of St. Angela and Ursuline Academy to rely on the strength of our community to successfully embrace and respond to change. 

Ursuline Academy has implemented a Hybrid Learning Model for the start of the 2020-2021 school year. Our reopening committee focused on three central concerns: the safety of students and co-workers, the delivery of a high-quality education, and opportunity for student participation in activities outside of the classroom that enrich their educational experience. Our weekly schedule has been composed of two cohorts who alternate time on campus. Our freshman and sophomore cohort are on campus on Mondays and Tuesday, while our junior and senior cohort are on campus on Thursdays and Fridays. For each cohort when they are not on campus, students are taking part in distance learning. The smoothness of the transition over to our hybrid model speaks volumes to the strength in our community: our students, co-workers, and technological support that all contribute to the delivery of our Ursuline Education.

Many parents find themselves trying to navigate several variations of distance learning nowadays, and one of our Learning Consultants, Jen Caton shared some advice on the importance of kids growing academically, socially and emotionally amidst these times.

“It’s important [your student] has their social and emotional needs met first,” she says. “They should get eight hours of sleep [a night], exercise, eat healthy and stay connected with friends. Without these being established first, their ability to learn will be negatively affected.” Jen, along with Jennifer Sievers from Nipher Middle School shared some great insights in a recent interview with Ladue News that can be read here. During this time, we are grateful to have such resources to lean on, and offer to support our students and parents. Together in heart, we as a community grow in strength and confidence as we move through this semester.


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Starting Monday, November 2, Ursuline Academy will move to a four-day in-person learning schedule for our student population. Please click here for more information, guidelines, and frequently asked questions.