October 21


Patchwork – Fall Production: Theatre for the Times, and for the Love

By Leah Folk

October 21, 2020

At the heart of a theatrical performance is an experience. It is meant to be felt, a shared emotion between the story on the stage and its audience, and it is a story meant to be told. All of these elements and more were accomplished by the cast and crew of this year’s fall production, “Patchwork.” Having to juggle holding auditions and rehearsals within social distancing guidelines and the limits and restrictions it caused, director Jean Lang and her cast and crew crafted a performance that ticked all the boxes and was able to be shown and enjoyed by a limited audience.  

In a Note from the Director introduction in the production’s program, Mrs. Lang shared some of her thoughts on the concept of the show, “As we began this journey of producing an unwritten play, we were met with these challenges: What do we want to say? What do we want our audience to ponder once the curtain is closed?” The line-up of scenes in many ways told a tale of nostalgia. It showcased memorable pieces from some previous Ursuline productions, as well as snippets of scenes from other works sparking laughter, tears, and tenderness. Each scene featured a single student or a pair so that they may be socially distanced, and included monologues and musical numbers. While it was perhaps not the show envisioned in the spring, it was a performance for the time, created from love. As the final scene came together, a performance of “What I Did for Love,” from the musical, A Chorus Line, the cast returned their masks to their faces, and the lights faded out. One would be left to ponder the strange times we live in, and the silver lining that one day it will simply be a story for us to tell. 

The Cast:
Lea Verslues ’21
Kit Michalski ’22
Liz Seiler ’22
Lauren Weber ’22
Maddie Brown ’23
Mia LaMartine ’23


The Crew:
Gabbi Smith ’22 – Stage Manager
Shaelyn Doak ’22 – Light Board
Lindsay Faulkner ’23 – Spotlight
Emily Eckhard ’23 – Spotlight


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