Feast of St. Ursula Events

The Feast of St. Ursula (October 21) was observed on October 19 at UA with a special liturgy planned by the sophomores, the installation of our 2017-18 Student Council members (see below), and the third annual #CutPassLove hair drive to benefit Children With Hair Loss. Sixty-two students donated a total of 397 inches of hair, and many others opted to make a cash donation to have a pink feather woven into their locks.

2017-18 Student Council

President: Meme Todt ’18
Vice President: Lauren Zufall ’18
Secretary/Treasurer: Maggie Fix ’18

Senior Class

President: Colleen Flynn
VP: Reagan Becnel
Sec/Treas: Claire Schulte
Reps: Lucie Donovan, Gabrielle Glore, Marygrace Hummel and Lauren Paskiewicz

Junior Class

President: Lilly Bettag
VP: Caroline Polansky
Sec/Treas: Allie Walsh
Service: Grace Breeding and Kelli Fitzgerald
Reps: Alphine Bangura, Natalie Bianchino, Tori Cichelero, Molly Effer a nd Grace Tvetene

Sophomore Class

President: Sydney Kirchoff
VP: Jane Steinbrecher
Sec/Treas: Katie Cody
Reps: Nora Bannes, Caylin Cheak, Molly Earickson, Annie Gidionsen, Erica Spihlman and Claire Stinehart

Freshman Class

President: Frannie Benoist
VP: Marie Cavato
Sec/Treas: Erin Hubeli
Reps: Courtney Besancenez, Ann Ganninger, Maggie Michalski, Maggie Naeger, Rebecca Sudholt and Anna Thiel

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