Alumnae Awards

Women in Serviam 2020 Award

In 2020, due to the pandemic, Ursuline Academy Alumnae Association has chosen to give a special award to take the place of the annual Distinguished Alumna Award and Young Alumna Serviam Award. We have been flooded by the countless acts of Serviam, big and small, and we believe all should be recognized for their service and love that has been shown to our communities, near and far.

Women in Serviam Pandemic 2020 Awards will go to alumnae who have served in various ways through the pandemic (healthcare workers, teachers, essential workers, so many more, etc).  Please nominate someone you know to be honored as a part of this group and receive a pin in the mail.  

We are looking for all those serving on the front lines, from the healthcare workers to those working in grocery stores and restaurants; from retail workers to those volunteering in their community; from teachers and moms to employers and caretakers.  We hope all alums who have been making a difference to others through the pandemic in large or small ways.

Each year two awards are given to outstanding Ursuline Academy St. Louis Alumnae.

If you have a suggestion of a worthy alumna for either of these awards, please submit her name here and the Alumnae Association Board of Directors will follow up with you.

Young Alumna Serviam Award

The annual Young Alumna Serviam Award honors an outstanding alumna who, through her service, leadership and achievement, embodies the Serviam spirit of an Ursuline Academy education. This annual award is presented to a young alumna at the annual Thanksgiving Liturgy held the week of Thanksgiving.
Click here to download the Young Alumna Serviam Nomination Form.

The recipient of this honor must:

  • Have graduated from Ursuline Academy St. Louis within the previous 10 years.
  • Demonstrate a desire to serve others in her daily life through continuing service to the Academy, the Alumnae Association, or the local or national community.
  • Engage others in her service mission.
  • Have been changed by her lived experiences of Serviam.
Young Alumna Serviam Award Recipients

2005   Anna Agniel Bushlack '99

2006   Colleen McLaughlin Clark '00

2007   Jackie Gallo '99

2008   Kristine Schneider '01

2009   Erin O'Toole '03

2010   Jennifer Mohan '02

2011   Bridget Cromien '05

2012   Maggie Brueggen Grzesiowski '08

2013   Caitlin Torrence '07

2014   Theresa Goodwillie '08

2015   Michelle Treese '08

2016   Amy Patterson '09

2017   Anna Bergamini '09

2018  Jessica Richmeyer '13

2019  Claire Burkemper '12

2020   Women in Serviam

Honorary Alumnae

1990   Thelma Hartnett

1990   Marie Sherman

2007   Rosalie Bannister

Distinguished Alumna Award

Presented to an alumna who exemplifies in her public and private life the Christian ideals and standards of Ursuline, for distinguished service in her profession or to her community or to Ursuline Academy.
Click here to download the Distinguished Alumna Nomination Form.

Distinguished Alumna Award Recipients

1988   Sylvia Persow Friedman ’37

1989   Rosemary Phelan ’57, Jane Mitchellette Hanneken ’48 and Clare Ann Maguire Wick ’69

1990   Alice Shaughnessy, OSU ’36, Carol Schutz Classe ’60 and Maria Rodgers O’Rourke ’81

1991   Mary Viszeneki ’56 and Fonda M. Fantroy ’73

1992   Mary Barrett Paspalas ’69

1993   Mary Jeanne Stuever Wehner ’44

1994   Livvy Herbert Rasp ’62

1995   Sr. Carol Lehmkuhl, PO ’64 and Kathy J. Wilmering ’76

1996   Judy Van Cleave Chiodini ’69

1997   Marjorie “Gee” Kaiman ’62

1998   Jeanne Devaney Dennis ’33, Dr. Irene Riddle ’51 and Mary Louise Hesse White ’78

1999   Patricia Barrett ’55

2000   Nancy Maczko Benz ’50

2001   Sally Maguire ’76

2002   Challen Cody Koch ’49

2003   June Datillo Pashia ’57

2004   Emily Byrne Newsham ’49

2005   Sr. Mary Catherine O’Gorman, CSJ ’50

2006   Margaret “Peggy” O’Neill Williams ’36

2007   Colleen Joern Vetter '83

2008   Jane Marie Blanke '73

2009   Capt. Kathy Beasley '74

2010   Kim Santen Blackford '85

2011   Rosalie Redington Duvall '60

2012   Pat Witt Harris '62 and Maureen Walsh Herrmann '77

2013   Sr. Carol Kopff, O.P. '54

2014   Norma Eichenlaub Stern '44

2015   Susan Puetz Lenihan '71

2016   Dr. Susan Michaelree Fletcher '66

2017   Elaine Meyer Schroeder '57

2018   Charlotte Deleste '90

2019   Marilyn Heckwolf Hohner '49

2020   Women in Serviam

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