The Alumnae Association at Ursuline Academy is delighted that Marilyn Heckwolf Hohner ’49 has been chosen to be the 2019 Distinguished Alumna.  

Marilyn has dedicated 15 years of continual service to Ursuline Academy’s Alumnae Office through her personalized birthday card ministry to alumnae donors. Hand-addressing each card, hand-stamping, and hand-delivering them to the mailbox every day, her unique service to Ursuline administrators and alumnae has been deeply appreciated. Ursuline alums are on her mind each day as she sends out the latest cards, and the Alumnae Association is very grateful.

Before Challen Cody Koch ’49 moved out of state, she “recruited” Marilyn to take on the birthday card project so that the ministry could continue. Marilyn was joined by Georgia Prokasky Laschober ’49 for many years as well.

Marilyn is a proud member of “the 49ers” and is an organizer of her class’ monthly lunch gatherings that have been in existence since their graduation 70 years ago. They were even featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 2014 in celebration of their friendship and loyalty to one another. Marilyn has many fond memories of UA and often tells the stories of how she took streetcars from her Baden neighborhood just to arrive at UA.

Marilyn’s life-long dedication to our Ursuline motto of Serviam is full of stories of living in rural Alaska for 8 years while raising her young children. Marilyn and her husband, Vic, were teachers in the small Alaskan villages for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Marilyn and Vic moved to Texas with their family before moving back to St. Louis in the 70s. Marilyn is also a retired teacher and secretary and provided the main income for her family for many years, including her 3 daughters and one son. Marilyn cared for her grown son, Guy, in their home until he passed away last year after a lung cancer diagnosis.

Marilyn, who celebrates her 70th reunion this year, has not slowed down in her Serviam efforts despite the many ups and downs of life. You can find her volunteering for many St. Louis organizations like the Missouri Botanical Gardens, The Repertory Theater, Sheldon Coffee Concerts, Laumeier Art Fair, and St. Mary’s hospital gift shop. Marilyn also has served as an actress for Washington University Medical School where she helped Medical Students by giving mock symptoms for them to diagnosis, or for Emergency Response personnel to practice large-scale emergencies.

Her classmate, Marian Koetting ’49, says that Marilyn’s adventurous spirit has been an inspiration to the class and has encouraged her to write a book about her travels and life full of entertaining stories. Marilyn has said that she has enjoyed all of her Serviam efforts and that we shouldn’t “broadcast it, but that I do it because I love it.”

Maryanna Coad, another member of the Class of 1949 said: “Marilyn is indeed very deserving of the 2019 Distinguished Alumna Award, and our class of 1949 is very fortunate to have not only attended Ursuline with Marilyn but consider Marilyn a life-long good friend.”

2014 Article featuring the Class of 1949:  (Marilyn is in teal, laughing)


Marilyn will be honored at the Distinguished Alumnae Award Ceremony prior to our Memorial Mass at 4:00 p.m. on Oct. 5. All members of the Ursuline Community are welcome to attend.