The Plaid Payoff

Ursuline’s first official student-driven online raffle campaign. With your help, students will have the opportunity to receive a day off of school as well as cash prizes, gift cards and other goodies.

Please help our Bears reach their goal of “8 tickets per student” by clicking here to purchase a Plaid Payoff ticket today!

If you’d like to credit a particular student for “selling” you the ticket, be sure the fill their name in on the form. (If the "seller" is left blank, Ursuline will credit the sale to a student who is need of assistance in selling their tickets). 

Thank you for your support of Ursuline Academy and The Plaid Payoff! For any questions, please contact Devin Mueller in the Advancement Office.


Online Raffle Details:
Raffle Date
September 5 - October 6 at midnight
Winners Announced - Monday, October 7 - 9:00 a.m.

Ticket Price
$25 per ticket OR 5 tickets for $100 (buy 4 get one free)
***the FREE ticket does NOT count as a sold ticket***

Raffle Prizes
Grand Prize - $5,000.00 cash reward 
Cash Prizes - Ten (10) $100.00 cash rewards to participants

Each student is required to sell 8 full price tickets 
Each student has a stretch goal to sell 10 full price tickets

Why Participate in the Plaid Payoff?
All proceeds go to The Ursuline Fund which goes to support the highest needs of Ursuline Academy. The money raised goes directly back towards helping the students receive an exceptional education rooted in the Ursuline core values.

Student Prizes:
Day off on Friday, October 11 
•  Day off of school will be granted to ANY class that reaches their ticket sales goal (each student sells 8 full priced tickets ($200 in ticket sales).
•  School-Wide day off will be granted if ALL FOUR classes reach ticket sales goal. (Campus will be closed for students and staff)

Selling 8 Tickets Gets Them:
•  Pick Your Own Dress Down Day
•  Free Smoothie King 

Selling 10 Tickets Gets Them:
•  All of the items above, AND an entry into a prime parking space (expires when student graduates)

Weekly Top Sellers  
•  Chick-Fil-A Lunch Deliveries
•  Food Restaurant Gift Cards

Top Advisement Sales
•  Donut Mornings and Free Advisor Bearista Coffee 
•  Hot Box Cookies Delivery 
•  Pretzel Boys Mornings 
•  Semester Pizza Parties 

Final Raffle Top Sellers 
First Top Seller
•  $125.00 Cash Prize
•  Prime Parking Spot (expires when student graduates)
•  Pick Your Own Dress Down Day

Second Top Seller 
•  $75.00 Cash Prize
•  Pick Your Own Dress Down Day 

Third Top Seller
•  $50.00 Cash Prize


Frequently Asked Questions 
How do I sell online tickets? 

  • Simply forward the Raffle Link to all your family, friends, business contacts, with a personal note asking for their support and share it via Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Here is a document explaining the Best Sales Methods
  • For official rules information Plaid Payoff Raffle Rules

Please contact:
Devin Hallahan Mueller ‘98, Annual Giving Coordinator  |  314-984-2811

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Ursuline Academy's campus is currently closed. Please click here for more information and resources during this time.