Student Clubs

Ursuline Academy Student Clubs

Ursuline Academy is committed to establishing and supporting extra-curricular programs which foster the spiritual, physical, emotional and social development of its students as well as the development of their leadership skills.

Two of the Ursuline Core Values are “Development of the Whole Person” and “Respect for the Uniqueness of the Individual”. To that end The Academy strives to provide clubs and organizations that will peak the interest of our students.

Clubs and organizations not only help students become involved, but also help build self esteem and develop leadership skills. They add to a sense of belonging to the larger Ursuline community and encourage the development of well-rounded young women who derive satisfaction from pursuing an area of interest, helping others and learning how to work as part of a team. There is something for everyone at Ursuline Academy. Discover the “U” in Ursuline!

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Ursuline Academy's campus is currently closed. Please click here for more information and resources during this time.