Science Department Goals and Objectives

Overall Department Goal

The goal of the science department is to help students attain the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the next level of science education.  This is achieved through a curriculum guided by the Next Generation Science Standards.

Objectives for the Department Goal

In order for each student to fulfill her potential in science, the following objectives have been implemented in Ursuline Academy’s science department:

  1. To offer courses tailored to various academic abilities including advanced college credit. In so doing, we hope to assist students in developing knowledge of facts, terminology, concepts, and principles to confront and interpret their world.
  2. To develop students’ abilities to use laboratory equipment and technology in an appropriate and safe manner, along with the ability to measure, organize, and communicate scientific information.
  3. To offer opportunities for students to use integrated process skills at the secondary level, thus assisting the students in developing intellectual processes of inquiry by which scientific problems and phenomena are explained, predicted and/or controlled. With this experience the students can then take part in the NSTA/TOSHIBA ExploraVision contest and the St. Louis Regional FIRST Robotics Competition.
  4. To make students aware of the community scientific resources by means of field trips and guest speakers. In this way the students will develop attitudes of curiosity and involvement with the phenomena in our natural environment and an appreciation for the contributions of science to daily life.

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