Department Goals and Objectives

The personal development department curriculum serves to foster adherence to three of the core values of Ursuline education:

  • Respect for the uniqueness of the individual
  • Development of the whole person
  • Commitment to peacemaking

These goals will be achieved by our course offerings.


Conflict Resolution

This semester course, taken as an elective during junior or senior year, provides students with the opportunity to improve their conflict resolution skills.  Covered topics include commitment, assertiveness, listening skills, difficult conversations, negotiation, and conflict resolution.  Because the course is geared toward experiential learning, assignments will include participation in role plays, class discussions, a group project, and a personal project.  The understanding that each student “owns” her own life is stressed throughout the course.

Conflict Resolution Course Documents

Teen Leadership

This leadership development course will offer students the following skills:  leadership, social, professional, business and problem solving skills; developing a healthy self concept and healthy relationships; the concept of emotional intelligence; public speaking and communication skills; understanding personal image; making responsible financial decisions; understanding the effects of peer pressure; and goal setting, both personally and professionally.

Teen Leadership Course Documents

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