Graduate Profile

Committed to academic excellence, the graduate

  • communicates effectively, raises good questions, summarizes well, prepares a convincing argument, and demonstrates Christian values in scientific, historical, mathematical, and artistic forms of thinking.
  • meets the challenges presented by a technological society.
  • is committed to lifelong learning.
  • exhibits scholastic achievement attained by taking advantage of academic opportunities.
  • is an independent and interdependent learner who has participated in a strong core curriculum and gained a defined body of knowledge.
  • practices time management and study skills necessary for post secondary curriculum.
  • applies what she has learned in new situations and adapts to a variety of learning formats.

Because she respects the uniqueness of the individual in a community environment, the graduate

  • demonstrates knowledge of personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • makes decisions with emerging wisdom and practicality.
  • recognizes and appreciates the contribution of time and talent made by all members of the Ursuline community.
  • supports an orderly school atmosphere with an emphasis on respect and belonging.
  • recognizes diversity as a positive force in the formation of community spirit.
  • demonstrates the value and dignity of all persons as children of God.
  • has a strong sense of social justice.
  • recognizes the call to become the peace she seeks.

In order to nurture her development as a whole person with great potential, the graduate

  • exercises her own responsibility to explore and validate her faith.
  • maintains good health habits and practices.
  • makes moral decisions influenced by Ursuline values and traditions.
  • has a clear sense of her individual learning styles and intelligences, her special interests, her talents and abilities.
  • takes reasonable risks to set goals for her future education and career.

Committed to faith-based living and leadership in a global community, the graduate

  • supports family life and life in a faith community.
  • exhibits interpersonal skills that will enable her to form and sustain meaningful relationships with peers, family and adults in the community.
  • demonstrates leadership in her experiences in and outside of the classroom.
  • participates in the American political process in some clearly identified manner.
  • shows an involvement in local, state, national, and international communities.

Understanding the depth of the words of the Ursuline motto, I will serve, the graduate

  • completes all required service commitments and appreciates the satisfaction of giving of herself to others.
  • recognizes the importance of continuing to provide voluntary service in a community.
  • articulates the value of her experiences in service to the community.
  • reflects upon her service opportunities and connects the experience to her faith.
  • internalizes the experiences and expresses their impact on her present value system.