Campaign Partners

List of supporters current as of May 7, 2018

Visionary Circle

Fabick Charitable Trust
Tim and Diane Fogerty Family
Mr. & Mrs. Gary and Carla Grewe
Ruth Ellen Wieder ’43

Cornerstone Circle

Dan and Donna O’Toole
Shaughnessy Family Foundation

Hard Hat Circle

Bill and Gay Appelbaum
Richard and Dianne Basler
Bernyce Christiansen ’60
Mrs. Thelma Hartnett
Thomas and Dee Dee Murphy
Jeff and Teri Powell
Craig and Antoinette Joyce Hunt ’79
Katie Ryan Schankman ’99
Ray and Ann Wagner

Foundation Society

Markus and Laurie Ahrens
Mr. and Mrs. David and Carole Bartnett
Mr. William Bobnar
David and Kathleen Broughton
Mark and Deanna Broughton Family
Jared and Emily Janovec Bryson ’02
Mary Ann Truesdale Capellupo ’54
Mr. & Mrs. William and Kelly Dulle
Carl and Kelly Imo ’87
Merry Kweiter ’89
Christine M. LaPoint
Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis
Ms. Jan Hartnett Lewis
Dean and Jan Mueller
Michelle E. Murray ’90 and Vincent Gorozzo
Paul and Jan Oberle
Orlando Family Foundation for Charities
Rebholz Family
Patrick and Suzie Reilly ’81
Jim and Terri Rogan
Troy and Kris Schuster
Craig and Kris Suntrup
Debbie Weil Wilbur ’90


Mr. and Mrs. Marc and Michelle Abel
Mr. Tony Abernathy
Patricia Holloran Ackerman
Barb Beck Adams ’89
Jean Agathen ’70
Sr. Mary Philip Agnew, DC
Christine Albert ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Milton and Kay Albert
Altria/Phillip Morris Matching Gift Program
Judith L. Anderson, PhD
Ms. Michelle Anderson
Tracie Graves Anderson ’91
Rita Andres
Carol Kochanski Andrew ’83
Marta Colantino Anglim ’69
Anheuser-Busch Foundation
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
Linda Schultz Aulenbacher ’70
Jane Uxa Baalmann ’79
Sally Chisholm Backer ’73
Mary Hoffman Baczynski ’72
Jill Wayant Balée
Josephine Balek
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Balek
Kaila S. Barnes ’16
Sherry Leighton Barrett’ 66
Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Elizabeth Barry
Tricia Barton
Gerard and Terry Bava
Margaret O’Neill Baxter ’78
Dorothea Bean
Capt. (Ret.) Kathryn M. Beasley, USN
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Beason
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Therese Becherer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Mary Belgeri
Mr. & Mrs. David and Jennifer Belrose
Tyler and Kelly Horn Bender ’02
Nancy Maczko Benz ’50
Krista Anne Berwanger
Mr. and Mrs. William Berwanger
Tim and Sue Ries (’84) Bingaman
David and Gretchen Biscan
Susan Raidt Bland ’68
Kathy Blanke ’75
Boeing Gift Matching Office
Therese Joern Booth ’79
Anne and Dan Brady
Gina Brahm ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bram
David and Lynn Brandt
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick and Shannon Breheny
Bretscher Family
Ann Travers Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Jennifer Brooks
Miss Nora Brooks
Tim and Cheryl (Oldeg) Brown
Mrs. Susan Bruno
Budget Glass and Door Inc.
Cindy Oldani Burch ’76
Mary Fortwengler Burke
Vince and Marianne Burkemper
Elaine Margatet McManemin Burrus
Anna Agniel Bushlack ’99
Keith and Jill Buske
Dr. Lisa Calandro ’86
Caleres Cares
Mary Jaeger Callahan ’71
Becky Canepa ’57
Mr. and Mrs. John and Jeanne Cantalin
Maria Capasso
Jeff and Christina (Sondermann) Capizzi ’98
Kaye Koller Castello ’57
Sister Lois Castillon, OSU ’60
Mary Ellen Chapman
Marty Chapo ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Michele Cherre
Betty Clark
Class of 1976
Class of 1965
Tim and Patty Clegg
Kathleen Jones Cochran
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin and Christina Cole
Peggy Luth Cooper ’74
Sheila Creecy
Amy Cullmann ’02
Mary Tunnicliff Czerniewski ’76
Carol D’Agostino ’80
Mrs. Mary Ann D’Agostino
Antonia Bogacki Daly
Loreen Brady Davis ’98
Lourdes Cuervo De Miguel ’66
Janet Smith Dean ’72
Sr. Jeanine DeClue O.P.
Christine LaBlaine DeHart
The Dehner Family
Linda Deimeke ’66
Jennifer Lueken Delf
Linda and Ed Desmond
Carolyn Deddens Dickmann
Joyce Puetz DiStefano ’78
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew and Leah Dobrynski
Steve and Judy Dodd
Mr. and Mrs. William and Michelle Donegan ’72
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Colleen Donovan
The Downey Family
Mr. and Mrs. David and Susan Doyle
The Dreyer Family
Joan Droege ’66
Drury Develpment Corporation
Ann E. Barry Dudenhoeffer
Kerry Dwyer Duffy ’95
Vicki Werkmeister Dunn ’69
Steve and Linda Dybus
Kathy Abeln Eckrich ’70
Mr. and Mrs. John and Linda Ederle
The Edmunds Family
Deborah Edwards ’67
Rick and Diane Effer
Patricia Egan
Rich and Jill Eichwald
Scott and Carolyn (Klump) Elfrink ’93
Jack and Dottie Ellis
Jennifer Daus Ellsworth ’95
Denise Essmyer ’83
Mrs. Tammy Estopare
Kelsey Evans ’08
Sherry and Mike Everding
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. John and Melanie Fechter
Pat Costello Fenton ’76
Chris Schultz Filsinger ’72
Gina Fiordelsi ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Don and Peggy Fix
Karen Heitmann Fleck ’00
Rose Marie Deichmann Fleming ’63
Marilyn Raubach Flores
Terry and Mary Ann Flynn ’79
Jim Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Nina Folsom
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Norma Fraser
Carol Raidt Frattini ’77
Michael and Lisa Frederick
Cathy Birkenmeier Fuchs ’82
Matt and Maggie Wingron Fuhr ’01
Kelly O’Neill Gale ’04
Patti Garavaglia
Ryan and Ashley Geringer ’03
Kimberly Alferman Gisburne ’83
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Celeste Ann Gleason ’45
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Joan Gleich
Susan Schlueter Gloss
Karol Goad ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Kristen Goldkamp
Mrs. Sally Goldstein
Steve and Liz Golomski
Sharon Steele Goltschman
Diane Engelhardt Gorman ’77
John and Kate Gough
Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Jean Grana
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Debra Granada
Marlene Grant
William and Caroline Gravette
June Greer
Mary Greteman ’75
Mr. & Mrs. Ted and Jane Grimm
Mary Steinicke Grothe ’66
Jane Calacci Guenther
Jackie Olliges Gunn ’78
Jane Toler Haas ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Judy Habert
Jim and Sue Haferkamp
Mary Ann Murphy Hamm
Fran Giarraffa Hanlon ’59
Michael and Joan Hannegan
Mary Hannig
Mary Ann Freihaut Hannon ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Julie Harding
Christine Fiala Harness ’84
Patricia Witt Harris
Joe and Jessica (Layton) Harris ’99
Jo Ellen Hart
Hartman Valve Corporation
Rev. and Mrs. John and Susan Hartnett
Donna Radman Havener ’76
Glenn and Maureen Heitmann
Karen Downer Herbert ’76
Carissa and Eric Hess
Margaret A. Hesse ’85
Phyllis Reilly Hippenmeyer
Bob and Cindy Hoffman
Shannon Goebel Hoffman ’00
Marilyn Heckwolf Hohner ’49
Linda Emmett Holdinghaus ’71
Jennifer Lukeman Hollabaugh ’76
Jake and Andrea (Travaglini) Hood ’06
Stephen and Lori Horack
Jeanine M. Horgan ’77
Patricia Taylor Hornburg ’66
Carole Utterback Horstmann’ 71
Kathleen A. Hubecky ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Susan Huck
Barbara Bush Hudgens ’66
Tim and Shari Hudwalker
Gateway Tree Care – Vicki Sauter Hutchens ’90
Eileen Raubach Huth ’66
Inside Out Ministries, LLC
Julie Maguire Jackson ’72
Amanda Jackson ’05
Nancy Feicht Jaeger ’76
Ken and Janet Wehner Janovec ’73
Katie Matter Jennings ’01
Brian & Susie (Mohan) Jennison
Ann Marie Zielinski Jeter
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Jane Johans ’71
Mary Bull Johnson ’70
Margaret O’Brien Jones ’86
Kathy Lane Jones
Paula Fadness Jung ’82
Mary Dobberstein Karten ’67
Kate & Company
Dr. John Keithley, PhD
Jim and Anne Scherrer Kelleher ’83
Peggy Freeman Kelleher ’57
Katie Balek Kempf ’01
Angie and Tony Kennedy
Mrs. Patty Kernell
Jean Kiburz
Nancy and Claire Kiburz
Sr. Susan Kienzler
Laura King ’10
Michelle King
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Kirchoff
Kathryn Kirner ’15
Dolores Borgmeyer Klaesner ’60
Kimberly Klipsch ’09
Gail Newhouse Kloeppel ’77
Susanne Jersa Knese
Janet Knobbe ’76
Susan Hittler Knoll ’69
Challen Koch ’49
Dr. Kevin Koch
Lakmé Perez Kodros ’70
Roz Calcaterra Koenen ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck and Kristin Koenig Jr.
Mrs. Marie Kohl
Kathleen Komos ’83
Larry and Lisa Komp
G. R. Robinson Seed & Service
Christine Santacruz Kraus
Jeri Garavaglia Krieger ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Pat and Linda Kriegshauser
Ryan and Mary Rose McFarland Kulage ’10
Linda Boyer Kunz ’68
Barbara Reiner Lane ’57
Jean and John Lang
Bob and Barb (Reilly) Langan ’84
Suzanne Einig LaPlante ’71
Dan and Karen Laposha
Sr. Mary Lapping, osu
Ellen Jackson Lauber ’73
Roberta Pfeiffer Laventure ’53
Janet Alessi Lawder ’78
Christopher and Tracy Lawhorn ’89
Mary McKendry Lee ’72
Martin and Susan Puetz Lenihan
Timothy and Susan Leon
Margie Pauling Leuthen ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Frances Levernz
Dr. Jeffrey Lewis
Dr. Stephen Lewis
Aidan Lewis
Bennett Lewis
Mr. Michael Werden and Ms. Stephanie Lewis
Lexis Nexis
The Liberto Family
Lisa Gotsch Lindner ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Beth Lindner
Carolyn Link ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Lynn Lipson
Lois Stuever Luth ’46
M+H Architects
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Sue Macke
Sally Maguire’ 76
Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Sallie Mahan
Dr. and Mrs. John and Nancy Marino
Mary Soden Marino ’82
Nancy McCormick Marley ’66
Douglas and Christine Mars
Christine and Daniel Martin
Sam Hoffman Martin ’70
MasterCard International
Pete and Dena Basler McCaffrey ’88
Julie Koelzer McCloskey ’66
Lynda Christian McClure ’93
Karen McDonagh
Anne Wehner McKitrick ’69
Linda Irwin McNair ’73
Mr. and Mrs. David and Tanja Mead
Diane Smith Melloy ’76
Mandy Roehr Melton ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Pam Merker
David and Mary Pat Meyer ’87
Mr. & Mrs. Larry and Patty Meyer
Mark and Mary Michalski
Terese and Richard Michniok
Mike and Karen Mikitin
Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Kim Milford ’79
Charlene and Larry Millburg
Marilyn Matt Miller ’66
Sally Holdman Miskiewicz ’82
Katie Mizera ’01
Mr. and Mrs. David and Susan Moellering
Martha Meredith Monahan
Alexandria Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. John and Laura Moran
Rita Witte Moran ’52
Jeannie Stiens Morice
Mary Jorgen Morini ’67
Amy E. Heimos Morris
Patti Klingel Morrison ’77
Dave and Sue Morton
Julia Moskoff and Douglas McDonald
Rachel Mosqueda ’13
Brian and Devin Mueller ’98
Maureen ’81 and Tom Mueller
The Mullen Family
Mr. & Mrs. Brad and Kathy Myers
Cecelia Boyer Myers ’66
Roxann P. Lee-Naeger ’88
Charlotte Eagan Nations ’69
Mary Sauder Newman ’81
Jim and Katherine (Luca) Nicholson ’84
John and Judy Niederschmidt
Jessica Niemeyer ’07
Nancy Lueddecke Nolfo ’66
Catherine Reichardt Nosovitch ’02
Margaret Komos Oathout
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Molly Obermeyer ’78
Sr. Mary Kay O’Gorman, CSJ ’50
Sr. Madonna O’Hara, osu
Kevin and Pam Ohlendorf and Family
Daniel R. O’Neill
Mary Alice Cognac O’Neill ’76
Ostenfeld Family
Kathy McGuire Oswald ’57
Ann Jackson Paradoski ’69
Shala Zimmerman Parisi ’89
Sandi Pautler ’69
Peggy Pautler ’50
Katy and Gerry Pawlowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Angie Payken
Mary Lou Peacher
Katherine Hollenbeck Pearson ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Rose Marie Pequignot
Stephanie Helle Peralta ’02
Ana Mary Vigil Perks ’76
Mr. and Mrs. William and Catherine Perry
Larry and Pat Pfile
Paula Pfitzer ’84
Ms. Rosemary Phelan ’57
Crystal Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Cecilia Phillips
Jerry and Nancy Picha
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Jennie Picha
Janet Dobbins Place ’71
The Ploesser Family
Eleanor McAuliffe Pons ’47
Principal Financial Group Foundation
In honor of Jacquelyn Greener Puetz ’47
Mr. and Mrs. John and Sue Quante
Sharon Quinn
Bob and Jen (Myers) Ramsey ’88
Mary Joy Schock Randazzo ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reap
Mary Raidt Reck ’74
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Lizabeth Redohl
Maureen McDonnell Reed ’71
Tom and Tina Reichardt
Bridgette Reilly ’07
Sue Patton Remspecher ’72
Marilyn Cass Renick ’57
Rick and Nanette Rice
Nancy Gough Riemer ’76
Marcia Pace Riganti, Class of 1977
Laurie Zinn Rinehart ’00
Gerry Hannon Rink ’59
Fred and Laura Roberson
Joanne Roeger ’75
Margaret Jorgen Rohde ’79
Sarah Rose ’13
Roeslein & Associates, Inc. Matching Gift Program
Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Rosteck
Kathy Gough Rugerri ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Nichole Ruggeri
Len and Karen (Colantino) Ruzicka ’71
Ray and Nancy (Puetz) Ruzicka
Sr. Elisa Ryan, osu ’62
Marilyn Huesgen Sabo
Evelyn Sahrman
Mary and Tony Salerno
Susan Saxton ’66
Kelly Fischer Scheibe ’88
Teri Steck Scheipeter ’97
Monica Schibig
Jean M. Schildz ’76
Laura Schildz ’78
Janis Schott
Elaine Meyer Schroeder ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Jon and Lisa Schulte
Mr. Joseph Schulte
Mary Ann Bannister Schulte and Terry Schulte
Lynn Madras Schwaab
Mr. & Mrs. Vernon and Donna Schwent
Scott and Jodi Sease
Ken and Lynn Seise
Mary Seise ’13
Charlene Sennewald ’71
John and Mary Jo Shaughnessy
Becky Lotz Shaw ’60
Dr. Jane Roeger Shea
Kathi Morrell Shepard ’82
Mary Allhoff Sheridan
Ron, Barbara (Angela ’00) Sherman
Kathryn Brockmeyer Sherwood ’76
Tom and Beth Simokaitis
Julie Slais ’76
Stephen J. and Janine Smith
Dan and Michele Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Soltow
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Barb Sorel
Marikay Euson Speckert ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Sandy Spinner
St. Louis Regional Chamber
Mr. Michael Staenberg
Christina Steck
Mr. and Mrs. David and Anita Steck
Cynthia Ann Steiger ’83
Judy Klug Steiner ’67
Charlene Ewers Steinhoff ’57
Patrick and Kristie Steinlage
Colleen Ellis Stock and Family
Amy Schmidt Stowe
Anne Marie Striebel ’97
Jane Venneman Sulze
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck and Judy Swisher
Agnes Schumer Talken ’56
Deanna Talley ’86
Lori Prosperi Tangaro ’76
Kay Conway Tankersley ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Kathleen Tanner
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Thomasson
Cindy Rachubka Thorne ’71
Terry Luth Thornton ’72
Reenie Wittich Thornton ’75
Peggy Ogletree Tichenor ’59
The Toczylowski Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Michelle Todt
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Toney
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Blanche Touhill
Tracy Family Foundation
Kate Treese
Amy Nobel Trn ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Jennifer Trousdale
Joan Milde Turnure ’71
The Unger Family ’93, ’95
Ursuline Academy Alumnae Association
Ursuline Sisters
Linda Vachalek
Maureen Miles Valentine ’66
Lisa and Rodney Vance
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Nancy Vatterott
Richard and Rose Vogan
Leonor Wall
Christine Klein Walsh ’69
Polly Walsh & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Nancy Wangles
Joan Parr Ward ’57
Warson Woods Block Advisors
Beth Wayant ’97
Aurelia and Russell Weil
Dawn Weinhardt ’90
Weinhardt Party Rentals, Inc.
Wells Fargo Matching Gift Program
Stephanie Heitzmann Wendl
Cindy Heidenry Wendling ’90
The Wessel Foundation
Larry and Stephanie Westermeyer
Ramy and Nikki Morton Weston ’98
Mary Ann Gilliam White ’85
Patricia Whitmore
Russ and Clare Ann (Maguire) Wick ’69
Joyce Suellentrop Williams ’69
Mr. & Mrs. Sam and Pamela Williams
The Wilson Family
Ken and Monica Pace Wilson ’75
Susan Wilson ’77
Anna Marie Wingron and Ivan L. Schrader
Karl and Katy Winkelmann
Nancy Wojcicki
Ellen Puetz Wojcicki ’69
Frank and Cheri Woodson
Wrigley Company Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Deborah Wurtsbaugh
Beverly Beach Young ’69
Molly Heitmann Young ’08
Lisa Bohn Zeh ’83
Joan Ottenlips Zilch ’82
Megan Zobel ’07