Board of Trustees

We invite you to read the Ursuline Academy Strategic Plan.


The Ursuline Sisters, as represented by the Provincial Team of the Central Province who serves as Corporation Members, hold the ultimate responsibility for the governance of Ursuline Academy. It is, however, governance which they delegate in a spirit of collaboration and stewardship shared by the Board of Trustees and co-workers of Ursuline Academy.

Board of Trustees

The Ursuline Academy Board of Trustees set policy for the management and operation of the Academy. Members serve a three-year term.
The Board of Trustees carries out its normal business by committee (Finance, Facilities, Development, Policy Review, Long Range Planning, Sponsorship and Board Membership). The Executive Committee of the Board may be called into session and has authority to act on behalf of the full Board pursuant to the Board’s by-laws. Any action taken by the Executive Committee is reported at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.
Persons wishing to address the Board at one of its regular meetings should contact either the President of the Academy or the Chair of the Board.


2016-2017 Board of Trustees:

Mr. Bill Appelbaum
Mr. Gary Grewe
Mr. Glenn Heitmann
Mr. Craig Hunt
Sr. Susan Kinzler, osu
Mr. Michael Loyet
Dr. Mark Michalski, ex-officio
Mr. Dean Mueller
Mrs. Michelle Murray ’90
Sr. Madonna O’Hara, osu, ex-officio
Mr. Dan O’Toole
Dr. Tina Reichardt, ex-officio
Mrs. Nanette Rice
Sr. Elisa Ryan, osu ’62
Mr. Dan Snyder
Mrs. Katie Fogerty Turner ’03
Mr. Ray Wagner
Ms. Dawn Weinhardt ’90