Statement of Purpose

The National Center for History (NCHS) in the Schools notes that “Knowledge of history and the social sciences is the precondition for political intelligence. Without history, and the other social sciences (political science, economics, geography, psychology and sociology) a society shares no common memory of where it has been, of what its core values are, or of what decisions of the past account for present circumstances. Without history, one cannot undertake any sensible inquiry into the political, social, or moral issues of society. And, finally, without historical knowledge and the inquiry (critical thought and research process) that it supports, one cannot move into the informed, discriminating citizenship that is essential to effective participation in the democratic process of governance and the fulfillment for all our citizens of the nation’s democratic ideals.”

Just as Ursuline Academy looks to its historical tradition, and to the core values which can be traced to our founders, St. Angela and St. Ursula, it is imperative that students look to the history of the nation and world, to insure that they can develop the core values that they will need to function in and understand democratic society. The social sciences are imperative to the development of global thought and democratic values, and must be taught if we are to prepare our students to live in a “global society” in accordance with the mission of Ursuline Academy.

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