Leave a lasting legacy and serve the students of tomorrow by contributing at one of several giving levels.  We will show our appreciation with your name prominently displayed in one of these many areas:


  • Fogerty Family Centre for Performing Arts
  • Ruth Ellen Wieder ’45 Alumnae Hall


  • Elevator (one available)


  • Front Patio (one available)


  • Heritage Hall:  Fabick Family Foundation 
  • Technology Room and Low Voltage Service:  Rick and Emilee Baker Family
  • Chemistry Lab and Chemistry Prep Room:  Grewe Family
  • Music Studio (one available)


  • Conceptual Physics Lab:  BSI Constructors, Shaughnessy & Hudwalker Families
  • Biology Lab (one available)
  • Anatomy Lab (one available)
  • Soundproof Music Studio Practice Room:  The Family of Dan and Donna O’Toole


  • Hallways (two available)


  • Merici 3rd Floor Professional Development Room:  Merry Kweiter, Class of 1989
  • Merici 2nd Floor Classroom (one available)
  • Brescia Conference Room:  Bernyce Christiansen, Class of 1960
  • Music Studio Practice Room (one available)
  • Biology and Anatomy Shared Prep Room:  The Appelbaum Family  
  • Elevator Lobby:  The Wagner Family – Mary Ruth, Class of 2013  
  • Elevator Lobby:  The Murphy Family – Emmaline, Class of 2018  
  • Auditorium Green Room:  The Family of Richard and Dianne Basler
  • Dance/Cheer Dressing Room (one available)


  • Landscaping:  Suntrup Family


  • Science Lab Workstations (24 available)
  • Classroom Technology/Interactive Presentation System (four available)
  • Chemistry Storage Room (one available)


  • Science Lab Desks (72 available)
  • Music Microphone System (two available)
  • Music Studio Risers (one available)


  • Music Studio Chairs (50 available)
  • Science Room Equipment (eye wash stations, showers, sanitizers and more)


  • Dance/Cheer Studio Dressing Room Cubby (25 available)
  • Music Studio Instrument Storage Units (ten available)
  • Science Labs Name Plaque (numerous available)
  • Dance/Cheer Studio Name Plaque (numerous available)
  • Music Studio Name Plaque (numerous available)
  • Heritage Hall Name Plaque (numerous available)

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Ursuline Academy's campus is currently closed. Please click here for more information and resources during this time.