How to Evaluate a Web Site

What type of domain is it?

  • Is the domain appropriate for the content?
  • Government sites:  .gov, .mil, .us
  • Educational sites:  .edu
  • Non-profit organizations:  .org
  • Commercial organizations:  .com

Who is the author?

  • Make sure the author or site’s advisory board has appropriate credentials.

Read the references.

  • The side should include references for data.  Check for a date to make sure information is current.

Watch for bias.

  • Many web sites are disguised as ads.  Read critically to distinguish between facts and fiction.

Other resources for evaluating Internet sources:

  • UC-Berkeley Library:  “Why?  Rationale for Evaluating the Web” provides practical experience in assessing the authenticity and integrity of web pages.  Click here.
  • Cornell University Library:  “Critcally Analyzing Sources” provides guidelines for the initial appraisal and content analysis of web sites.  Click here.