February 17


2021 Global Scholars Capstone

By Leah Folk

February 17, 2021

Ursuline Academy has made it part of its mission to respond to the changes in our society and the expectations placed upon our graduates in order to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Most importantly, advances in technology, travel, business and communications require that our students engage as global citizens, demonstrating the capacity to contribute in an environment reflecting varied values and norms for the benefit of all. Ursuline Academy offers a unique, comprehensive global education program, integrated into all aspects of the students’ four-year experience, however, students with a particular interest in global affairs are encouraged to participate in the Global Scholars program.

The Global Scholars Certificate inspires and validates excellent global education learning opportunities (some of which are already in place in many Ursuline schools), encourages students to enroll in courses and participate in activities with a global focus, and prepares globally competent students to be competitive in international careers.  This distinction will reward those students who are willing to stretch beyond traditional requirements in order to set themselves apart in the international arena.

As the school year’s third quarter is approaching, our senior students have been preparing for their annual capstone presentations. This project typically involves a cumulative project of the Ursuline experience and how it has shaped each student personally. For the seven seniors who are working for their Global Scholar certification, their capstone project preparation has looked a bit different. Serving in numerous ways as a rigorous course of independent study and community service these seven students are working on a capstone project that stems from topics of international concern, such as clean water projects, and women’s issues. Members of this class of global scholars have been able to reach out to resources via our alumnae network to gain first-hand accounts of some of these issues and how they are being handled throughout the world. From here, it is the goal of Ursuline Academy that these students go on to continue their personal exploration and research and continue to learn and work as Christian leaders in a global society.

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