Mrs. Lisa Payne

  Ms. Annette Zobel

Art Department

Statement of Purpose

The Art Department, in striving to develop the whole person, creates visual arts programs that encourage personal growth, individual style, and creative expression.  In doing so, the department respects the uniqueness of the individuals, nurtures formation, and enhances a community spirit where all are appreciated.


Overall Department Goals

  • The art department will address all levels of Bloom’s taxonomy and encourage higher order thinking skills.
  • The art department will encourage and respect the uniqueness and aesthetic vision of each student.
  • Art teachers will focus on our roles as teachers/artists.


Objectives for Department Goals

  • All art classes include critiques, evaluations, aesthetics and problem solving processes.
  • Using higher order thinking skills students will create many solutions to the same problem.
  • eachers model creative thinking process and involve students in creative endeavors.

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