Sr. Mary Ann Dooling, osu

  Ms. Jaime Gilligan

  Sr. Peggy Moore

  Mrs. Joan Mullen

  Mrs. Kathleen Stinehart

  Ms. Jean Woodward

Theology Department

Statement of Purpose
    The Ursuline Academy Theology department exists to help each Ursuline student root her education in Gospel values, Ursuline spirituality, and all of the wisdom of the Catholic tradition so that she may embody the Reign of God by word and action.


    In light of the core values of Ursuline education, we seek to foster in each student an integration of faith, life, and spirituality. In so doing, we seek to nurture each student’s growth in her relationships with God, self, others, and all creation.

The students will learn
  •     To respect the uniqueness of the individual in a community environment.
  •     To nurture her development as a whole person of great potential.
  •     To be committed to faith-based living in a global community.
  •     To understand the depth of the words of the Ursuline motto, “I will serve”.
  •     To seek peace through justice in all our relationships, towards all peoples and cultures, towards the earth and all creation.
  •     To value life-long learning.

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