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Ursuline Technology FAQs

UA Technology FAQ’s:
Should I buy a new computer for my daughter to use at Ursuline?
All computers at UA are installed with Windows Vista and Office 2007. We have a PC Lab, and computers available for student use in the UA Library. Our student to computer ratio is 2:1. Students will be able to use UA laptops in the classroom whenever a teacher requests them. In fact, we ask that students do not bring any other laptops on campus. We do suggest that your daughter has a flash drive on which to save files to work at home. If you are considering the purchase a new computer for your home we recommend a PC (personal computer), not a MAC. Macintosh computers are not used at UA. As always, make sure any computer is in good working order by installing and updating anti-virus software; and always back up your work!
What if we don’t have Vista or Office 2007 on our home computer?
Don’t worry you don’t need to upgrade your home PC software. Files created in older versions of Microsoft Word will open in Office 2007 without a problem at UA. However, there is one step you’ll need to complete to open Word 2007 files the first time at home. Older versions of Word will prompt you to download a free converter file allowing Word 2007 files to be opened successfully. This converter is free and only takes a few minutes to load. Additionally, students have also been instructed on how to save files created in Word 2007 for older versions they have at home. For more detailed instructions see the Information Technology page on the UA Web site.
How can my daughter use her Ursuline e-mail account from home?
Students are asked to use the UA First Class™ e-mail account to send questions or files to UA faculty. Using First Class™ assures the most efficient, secure method to transfer information. Other accounts may be blocked by our SPAM filter and time-sensitive projects would not be received. Students may access their First Class™ accounts on any computer with Internet connectivity. The link for Ursuline e-mail accounts is on the UA Web page (www.ursulinestl.org) under "Students". Clicking this link will allow the student to log in using the same user ID and password she uses at Ursuline to access a limited version of First Class. Families can download the complete First Class™ software at home by choosing “Download” and the appropriate options that follow. This software is a free and only takes a few minutes to complete. Students can also upload documents using First Class™, so projects they started here can be finished at home. 
How can I check my daughter’s grades from home?
Ursuline uses NetClassroom™ for students and parents to have access to a student’s grades, report cards, attendance, and schedule. Ursuline does not issue paper report cards or deficiency notices during the school year. Both parents and students have been sent a letter with their individual user ID and password. (Parents with more than one student should note that their individual ID allows access to each student’s record. A second ID is not needed.) To use NetClassroom™, click on the NetClassroom™ link on Ursuline’s home page at www.ursulinestl.org under "Students" or "Parents.
How can my daughter get assignments when she misses a day of school?
Each teacher has their own Web page on the Ursuline Web site where they post their weekly assignments, syllabi, and other necessary documents. Students and parents can use this resource to verify current assignments at any time.
Who do I call if I have any questions about UA’s technology?
You, or your daughter, can contact Katherine Dailey, Technology Coordinator, at 314-984-2829. You can also e-mail her at kdailey@ursulinestl.org. Mr. Dan Baker, Network Administrator, can be reached at 314-984-2828 or dbaker@ursulinestl.org. They will be available during Back to School Night and Parent/Teacher conferences.

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