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UA First Class E-mail at Home

The easiest and most secure way to send papers to teachers from home or to send papers from UA to home is to use your UA First Class e-mail account. For any number of reasons, e-mails from others services (Hotmail, AOL, SBC, Yahoo, Charter,etc.) may be blocked as spam, and your paper may not get to your teacher on time. In fact, teachers are asked to not accept student work from any e-mail other than UA First Class. Here’s how to add the First Class software and use it from home: 

1. Open Internet Explorer and type mail.ursulinestl.org in the address bar. Note: do not add "www". Here is the direct link: mail.ursulinestl.org

2. Once here, you will be able to login as you would at UA. This will give you limited usabilty.

3. To add all the features of First Class that you use at UA, you will need to download the First Class software to your home computer (you will need to be an administrator to do this). This is free and only takes a minute. Click "Download" and select "Windows". The rest is self explanatory. Once loaded, use the desktop icon to open First Class and it will look and function the same way it does at UA.

To upload a file either at UA or at home, log into First Class, and click on the "File Storage" icon. Choose "upload" and select the file to load. When you return to UA (or home) open First Class and then "File Storage" and choose "download" to save the file to the computer you are using.

It is important to note that although you may attach a file to an e-mail as another method, opening the attachment and saving the file by selecting the "save" icon will save the file in a temporary location that will be deleted when you log off the computer. If you choose this method, save the attachment by directing it specifically it to your "My Documents" folder.

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