2011-12 Theme

Our theme , as expressed in our logo, is a multi-year theme based on the Chapter Call of the Ursuline Sisters of the Roman Union. 

We will place a special emphasis on the aspect of “Strengthened by Faith.” As a community of believers, we all share the desire to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ while encouraging one another on our walk with God.
This year we will continue to nurture our community spirit while fostering a more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ,strengthening our faith in God and one another. It is when we put Christ in the center of our lives that we can see past the borders that lie within our hearts. Together, rooted in community, we will deepen our understanding of how we can reach beyond our borders and open our hearts to see the love of God in everyone.
St. Angela, foundress of the Ursuline Sisters, encourages us with the following words,
  "Have hope and firm faith that God will assist you in everything." 

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